The Junction Recording Studio
Nashville Recording Package


The Junction's Artist/Group Package includes:
CD's, B&W photos for promotion, studio time, musicians, background vocals, all materials for session,
preproduction before the session, photo shoot, graphic designer, and an entire qualified staff to make your project unique,
original, and to your personal satisfaction.

It's all in house, no running around from place to place or having to schedule appointments.

Here's the best part, after paying for all these quality professional services
and you sale your product, you have turned a profit.
We price the package for you to make money!

1000 CD's sold @ $15 = $15,000.00
1000 BW Photos sold @ $5 = $5,000.00
Grand Total = $20,000.00

Project Price $14,500, price

This leaves you some room for give aways to promote your music.

We also offer Web Site Design, Video Production, Logo Design,
all Quality Professional Services In One Location.

Double D CD by Junction Studio
Junction Studio Design
Kitty Wells Forever Young
Kitty Wells Video

CD's and Videos designed and produced by Junction Studio Staff

Let us design a custom recording package that fits your needs and your budget. Whether it's your first time in the studio or a seasoned vetran, the Junction will soon become your home away from home.
Our staff will guide you through the whole recording and Artist Development process. Starting with Pre-Production, selecting and finding songs,or help you write your own. Graphic designer for logos and the your CD.
The recording session is next with all the songs selected, arrangements charted, and musicians booked.
The first day is the tracking session (recording all the songs).
Day two to three is for vocal tracks (artists sings to the recorded tracks).
Day four is photo session for Artist and adding back ground vocalist.
Day five is finishing up the graphics for your CD and any overdubs if needed.
Then it's mixing and mastering. After we have finished mixing the recording and graphics for the CD Project, it's sent off to the CD Manufacturers for your final product.
We can also record your experience in the studio to make an enhanced CD with Video excerts of the session and around down town Nashville.

Feel at home recording with an inspiring professional team of musicians, engineers, and producers
whose only concern in the studio is making your song the best it can possibly be.

No Cookie Cutter Format Here!

Our recording packages are quoted and based on our experience with the amount of time needed to record a song or complete a project.
This means you won't see us looking at the clock, prodding you out, or billing you for any extra hours.

This includes:

1. Pre-production - help in finding the right songs from publishers, setting your style and key for you to sing,
booking musicians and back ground vocalists.

2. Studio time - tracking, over dubs, mixing, and mastering

3. Audio Engineer

4. Music Producer -You'll have your own Nashville Record Producer(s), who will take care of the music and talk with you before the session to check on style, key, and instrumentation.
They will also assist you in finding top Quality Songs from song writers here in the Music City or from our catalog from writers all over the world
or help arrange and work on your own songs.
Any style or genre, we have hit songs that have not been released waiting for new talent to record them and make them a hit.

5. Graphic Designer -
for cd and or logo design, and web pages

6. Photographer -
for cd and publicity photos and cd manufacturing

7. Copy writer -
for bios, web pages, electronic press kits


Above project price $14,500, price does not include enhanced CD or Video contact us for more details. Any songs that are not your own or published by you you will be responsible for
paying and getting the mechanical licenses of the songs. We can assist you with finding the right parties or you can visit the Harry Fox Agency for details. We can also assist in starting
your own publishing company or place you with one so your songs are protected. We are also certified to give each song it's own ISRC code

4 over 1 Booklet with tray card and 2 color CD - This is the format we use for our projects.

Austin Hicks

CD Outside Booklet

Austin Hicks CD

CD Inside Booklet

Junction Studio CD Graphics

CD Tray Card

CD Manufacturing


The Junction now offers Video Production.
We can travel on location to shoot your live performance and edit
a promotional video for bookings or to sale at live engagments.


VIDEO - These Chains (Jacob's Lament)
From their CD entitled Hammerbilly

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