The Junction Recording Studio was opened in 1987 as an additional feature of the KITTY WELLS AND JOHNNIE WRIGHT FAMILY COUNTRY JUNCTION museum and gift shop. The blue prints for the studio were created by a team of music industry notables including: Johnnie Wright, who began his recording career in 1937; legendary studio producer, Owen Bradley; producer and studio design expert, Glenn Snoddy; and John Sturdivant, Jr., present owner and Director of Operations for The Junction Recording Studio.Junction Recording StudioGlenn Snoddy is credited with wiring the first stereo console and fuzz box in Nashville, and he recorded many of 'Music City's' early hits straight to acetate, including "Atom Bomb" by Johnnie and Jack and "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash. Glenn also designed legendary Woodland Sound Studio in Nashville and, working along side Owen Bradley, was an important part of the creation of the 'Nashville Sound'.the Junction Drum booth
Past clientel of the Junction Studio include many entertainment personalities and companys such as: Music City News, EMI, Polygram/Island, Warner/Chappell, Sony/Tree, Co-Heart, Verlon Thompson, Suzy Ragsdale, Blake Chancey, Richard Bennett, Marty Stuart, Brad Davis, Don Schlitz, William Lee Golden, Chris Golden, Rusty Golden, Keith Gatis, Tommy Hunter, wHITE wATER, Christafari, Uncle Slim, Bobby Randall, Dean Miller, Shanon Brown, Judge Parker, Tilford Hayes, Jerry and Tammy Sullivan, Bobby Bare Jr., Dee Allen, and Michael Henderson.

The Junction Recording Studio offers both analog (Studer 2 inch multi-track) and digital (Pro ToolsLE 24 track) recording with the 32 Channel SOUNDCRAFT GHOST recording console. The studio has a 24' x 24' main room, studercontrol room, 12' x 12' drum booth, 10' x 6' vocal booth as well as generous lounge areas and room for case storage.

From the beginning a wide variety of music has been recorded at The Junction, from bluegrass and rock to speed metal, from gospel to country and pop. The history-rich atmosphere of the studio seems never entirely quiet, with the echos of past sessions reverberating just beyond hearing range from the walls themselves.

Click here for news of the most recent projects completed at The Junction. We are especially proud to announce our post production audio facillity. Click here for the Kitty Wells and Johnny Wright "Road Show Farewell" video, recorded live on December 31, 2000; which chronicles the final performance of the remarkable couple after a stage career spanning 63 years, which we did the remote audio recording, and post production.

inside the recording studio
the Junction control room
drum booth

Partial Equipment List
Microphones - Nuemann, CAD, Shure, EV, Seinheiser, and AKG
REVERBS - Yamaha, Roland, Lexicon, and ProTools Plug Ins
COMPRESSORS - DBX, ProTools Plug Ins
MONITORS - Audix, Tannoy

Also available vintage Fender Amps, Red Bear 120 amp head with 4 12" Slant cab,
SWR Bass Preamp,Pearl drums (always set up in booth), vintage Ludwig set and
various snare drums and cymbals, Roland 250s Keyboard, Emu Vintage Keys