the Junction Recording Studio is offering some relief to your bands budget!

We realize that to make more money, you need merchandise to sale at your live performances .
Maybe you burn your own discs and want quality recordings of your new music to promote your band for more gigs,
the Junction is here to help you not only save but make money.

Rates for bands ready to record - Country, Rock, Metal, Jazz, Bluegrass ....

1 DAY BLOCK - $250
2 DAY BLOCK - $350
Includes engineer - day is 10 am to 8 pm - You recieve mastered CD of your songs

10 Song master session - $1,000.00
1 weeks studio time ( Sundays off or lite day )

10 Song master session - $3,500.00
1 week studio time ( Sundays off or lite day )
1000 CD's
Graphics and Photographer included

All projects include engineer, producer, and mastering - Radio and Retail Ready - We can even generate ISRC Codes for your recordings

*If you are doing cover songs and intend on selling the CD's, you are responsible for all Licenses and Associated Fees...
We can assist in licensing and let you know what it will cost and we can even help out with your own publishing..


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